Webinar #14: Ransomware protection + auditing and always-ON MetroCluster availability for NetApp Storage



CryptoSpike offers a solution to analyse data access via NetApp FPolicy and learns "normal" user behaviour. If a user or client has been infected by ransomware or malware and behaves "abnormal" on the NAS (for example, because data is being encrypted), the user will be automatically blocked! Furthermore, all SMB access information’s are recorded seamlessly and manipulated data can be restored directly from NetApp SnapShots at one-click. White- and blacklists of filenames and file types complete this solution.

ClusterLion offers an automatic switchover for NetApp MetroCluster and so always-ON availability to your Storage and Applications! Data ONTAP services and storage controllers are constantly monitored. If storage services go offline it will be immediately detected by ClusterLion. A power-off of the compromised nodes will be triggered and the switchover will be initiated to the other site within 30 seconds. ClusterLion does not need a third datacentre like other Quorum solution and has great other advantages like NFO (network failover), application integration, etc...

Speaker: Robert Graf,CEO, ProLion GmbH